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Corporate philosophy

Customers in to trusted companies

To create customer expectations more value in people and goods, in order to become a company that provides a high value-added (services) , also it will continue to challenge everything.

Calligraphy "thank"
Thanks to customers who support our, thanks to our employees, and thanks to partner companies like, at the same time as possible to thank everyone in the region, from all the people, we aim to become a company that is gratitude.

Calligraphy "emphasis"
Organization and position, toward the same goal beyond the interests, all employees, it means that to cooperate. The Company believes that "the company is not intended to hold in one person, the most important to thank and coordination with each other".

Symbol mark image
I think that I put in the symbol mark
The feeling that let's challenge toward the world
World = in the S mark that fly out in the blue sky
We expressed & Design.

Management Philosophy

Customer satisfaction
Employee satisfaction
Company satisfaction
Social satisfaction

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