Dutch Incinerators is a Thailand based company with western European engineering and know-how, with 30 years of experience in designing,
manufacturing, sales and operation of Thermal waste processing solutions.

Core products are Rotary Kiln based medical waste incinerators and hazardous (chemical) waste incinerators with or
without energy recovery (waste-to-energy) upon client requests.
We are specialized in Engineering, Procurement and Construction supply of hazardous (chemical) waste and medical waste incinerators.
Several EPC projects, specifically Rotary Kiln Incinerators , have been completed the recent years.
Our technical staff daily performs, with great professionalism, analysis of clients′ specifications, feasibility studies, customized
designs and tests, after-sales services and remote assistance.

We make sure to stay ahead of the competition by innovation,
competitive pricing and specifically the focus in our designs on long-term operational reliability.

Innovation: Dioxin destruction by CataFlexTM DiOxi catalytic filter bags

10 July 2018 17:58
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