Dutch Incinerators designed, delivered and successfully commissioned this month a flue gas treatment facility for the Joint Venture of ECO-Mastermelt PTE-LTD Singapore (EMM), as EPC Supplier.

As partner of this project, the facility built by Dutch Incinerators was presented in a full page advertisement in The Straits Times, the biggest newspaper in Singapore on October 19, 2016.

The flue gas treatment system as installed recovers precious metals from flue gasses produced by precious metal thermal recovery systems of EMM, meanwhile ensuring that the flue gasses emitted to the atmosphere meet the Singapore emission standards.
ECO Special Waste Management is one of Singapore’s leading – if not the largest- waste management companies in the field of hazardous wastes, chemical wastes, solvent recycling, waste water treatment, etc.

Mastermelt LTD is a UK/US based worldwide leader in the recovery of precious metals.

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